Monday, July 11, 2016

Study With Joan Fullerton at Art Unraveled 2016 in Phoenix, AZ, August 7,8,9th

Create art that is poetic and personally significant. Using humble materials and metaphorical images, inner and outer worlds will meld into a new story. Students will learn my favorite mixed media techniques using brown paper, Xerox copies, stencils, aluminum foil, contact shelf paper transfers, and acrylic gels. Lectures will be lighthearted, memorable and filled with helpful information whether the student is a beginner or an accomplished master. In addition to technique, great emphasis will be placed on developing a mind-set encouraging greater innovation. The day will begin with an introductory lecture and demonstration. Students will work on 3 projects simultaneously with instructor feedback throughout the day. 

Click HERE for more info or to register for this workshop.

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